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Simon Johns - IT Director

Simon Johns - IT Director

I am passionate about IT and the positive changes it can make to a business. Wherever I have worked and whatever I have done I have brought that enthusiasm and passion with me and have made huge differences to those businesses. I believe that IT systems should be self-sufficient, simple and effective.

I like to be at the leading edge, if not the bleeding edge, but am rational enough to not allow unnecessary risk. My leadership is one of courage and energy, leading from the front, demonstrating my technical skill, empowering my teams and engaging staff at levels on the journey whilst bringing my spirit, creativity and passion into the work at hand. I love the intellectual challenge of my work and imbue that in those around me, always pushing and striving for the best from others.

I have worked at global corporations in excess of 30,000 employees, and have recently consulted for small businesses with less than a dozen staff. In all cases my approach has been fit for the size, culture, budget and needs of the company. I do not believe that one size fits all, nor do I believe that IT is a means in itself – it is the means to the end, supporting, promoting, streamlining and increasing reach, turnover and profit of an organisation – be it an architectural practice of 5 or a global engineering company of 25,000.

Recent projects include the planning and execution of an Exchange upgrade and roll-out across several continents for a multi-national practice, consultation for a well known London Hospital on it’s use of social media in revamping it’s intranet, an audit and strategic review of the IT systems for a charity with a roadmap for improvement and risk mitigation, the business continuity plan and website/social media plans for a small business.

New technology I currently get excited about am researching ways to implement into business environment: the “Internet of things”, social media, cloud computing, augmented reality and many more exciting directions and concepts.

You can find out more about me and my portfolio on LinkedIn:

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I would love to hear from you and show you the difference a well thought out project or strategic review could make to your business over a cup of coffee.


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